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Beautiful images of iconic Landscapes and Wildlife from around Northumberland can be found in the Wild Northumberland Calendar and sales help support charitable work in communities in Namibia & Botswana.

10 Oct

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Tomorrow morning the 4 of us are off to Gozo for 2 weeks, and my mother & father, Peter & Willie Swan, will be moving in to run the place while we’re away.

See you all when we get back 😀

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Tomorrow Chris & I will be off to France to do a spot of DIY at my parents’ place over there – so my Mother & Father will be back at The Swan looking after the business and the children!!

I’ve had to post this week’s specials a bit early as I’ll not be able to do them as usual on Thursday, so you can find them below this post.

Hope you enjoy them and see you all soon!

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Back from Gozo……..

Well we got back from Gozo late last night, and have been straight back to work today with over 160 people in for Sunday lunch –  talk about back into the swing of it straight away!

All went well while we were away, with my parents back in charge, assisted by the staff and my sister Katrina. It’s great to get away as when you live above the business it really is 24/7 – and without the family support we’d really struggle.

Next trip is just after Easter when we’re going to France to do some work on my parent’s property over there – another great break even if it is a bit of a ‘working holiday’!

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Follow this link to the Northern Experience Wildlife Tours Blog and see the fantastic images of owls taken in the last few days by Martin & Sarah.

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Just in case anyone was wondering why Chris is wandering around with one arm in a sling, it’s not because I’ve been beating him (although at times………..^^) it’s because he has surgery on him elbow a week past Friday.

Apparently he should be back to ‘normal’ in about 10 days – just in time for our trip to Gozo – YAY!

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Chris and myself too a sneaky morning out today and not wanting to hit the shops decided that a trip to Allendale to see the guys at Allendale Brewery would be fun.

The weather started off lovely, and we took a quick detour to Hallington Reservoir to ensure Chris’ membership of the fishing club was received for next year. The sun breaking over the reservoir was really beautiful, and Chris spent some time chatting with fishery manager John about boat maintenance, while I became friends with his dog Ben.

We then took off across country to Allendale, missing the brewery the first time (don’t you love GPS), and were met by Tom who introduced us to the team and took us on a tour of the site. We had a look at new Brewery goodies, including Wolf Mustard, and compared notes on Christmas Puddings made with Allendale Ales – ours are made with a mixture of Wolf and Werewolf this year!

Leaving with a bootful of beers we headed home through the now torrential downpour with sleet, hail and high winds, being back to The Swan for lunchtime…..well almost.

After a really good morning out we’re planning our next outing – my vote’s with a trip north to Doddington Dairy……..yum…….!

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